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"Artificial Vision in Mexican Agriculture, a New Techlogy for Increase Food Security"


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At present there are around 7,000 million human beings in the world and the World Bank estimate is that we will reach some 9,000 million people by 2050. The FAO assures that the arable land will not increase and that, due to the shortage of water and desertification, will even decrease. Mexico is not exempt from the previous situation because it is estimated that the population of our country for 2010 will be 150,837,517.CONAPO.(2017). World food security is determined by the production methods of poor farmers and by the purchasing power of low-income consumers. Sufficient reasons above to explore any new technology such as Agricultural Mechatronics, Precision Agriculture, Precision Beekeeping, Precision Livestock, Automatization of agriculture with Arduino and Artificial Neural Network, in which artificial vision plays an important role for its application in the Mexican agriculture, increasing its productivity and to feed the population thus increasing the food security of our country. In México , the application of the artificial vision to agriculture is low.It does not have the dynamism that it is taking in other countries, it is necessary to promote it to increase the food security in the country.


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Volume & Issue : 2018: Volume 2 Issue 08
Page No.: 381-398

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Jaime Cuauhtemoc Negrete
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