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"Role of Medical Tourism Provider Website in Medical Tourists Attraction in India"


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Tourism is the fastest developing industry in the world in terms of employment generation and addition to national income .health tourism  is one type of tourism that it consists of three parts: wellness tourism, curative tourism and medical tourism and the most profitable part of health tourism is medical tourism.The aim of this study was to investigate role of Medical tourism provider website to attract medical tourists. In medical tourism market, several sections are considered as effective factors for the decision of medical tourists to choose the destination of medical tourism that  include medical tourism marketing companies or agency, medical tourism marketing websites, hospital and health clinics websites and medical broker. Medical market based on approximately 14 million cross-border patients worldwide spending an average of USD 3,800-6,000 per visit, including medically-related costs, cross-border and local transport, inpatient stay and accommodations .In this paper, deliberate or purpose sampling in used and researchers have used questioner that it filled in by 114 people of medical service providers in India. In this study the most important conclusion is that medical tourists believe the role Medical tourism provider website to attract medical tourists is very important but those websites are not applicable for medical tourists. they need Multilanguage  and convenient use website.


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Volume & Issue : 2018: Volume 2 Issue 07
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